Match 37 DC VS KXIP : Half centuries from skipper Shreyas Iyer & Shikhar Dhawan helps DC to victory against KXIP despite of GAYLE-STORM

TOSS: Delhi Capitals won the toss and opted to bowl

In comes Chris Gayle & Kl Rahul to open for kxip

KL Rahul is a gone

A one-handed loft straight down the ground followed by a one-handed sweep by Rahul was too much to take for Sandeep Lamichhane, bowling just the second over of the match. Bowls the perfect leg break, gets the loop and drift and dip right up, has Rahul reaching out on the forward defence, and gets him stumped by Pant (who’s ecstatic at having pulled it off like la la Dhoni). KXIP 13/1

PS: There’s real turn in the pitch. What else did you expect from the track as it is turning and bouncing as well.


Gee that’s long long way outta park And it was off a knuckle ball by Ishant Sharma which gayle Slogged across, and it flies way over long-on and into the stands. Deep into them. I wish there were words to describe Gayle’s lack of expression after he launched that.

Ishant’s not going to bowl a knuckle ball anytime soon. And you know what follows? Four boundaries in the over that Lamichhane bowls next. Gayle is on 28* off 11 balls.

What were we saying about this pitch?! Hahaha!

Rabada gets breakthrough; gets Mayank Agarwal out

Well if Anyone who didn’t see this coming hasn’t seen enough cricket yet. I mean Mayank struggled to put bat to ball in the over, so quick Rabada was. And then tries to take him on and miscues. Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot, Wicket. KXIP 42/2

Miller didn’t match the expectations

He’s out trying to match the power of Gayle, who by the way had just launched into Amit Mishra last over. So Axar Patel comes on, Miller hits out first ball and holes out to deep mid-wicket. And that just when the on-air comms were discussing Miller’s role now that Rahul’s fallen early. “It’s all on Mandeep’s shoulder now,” Collingwood says. KXIP 61/3

Fifty for the BOSS!

Ot just took him 25 balls. And he’s looking good for more. He just launched a full toss from Amit Mishra for a six that perhaps found the drinks refrigerator. We are all thirsty for more Gayle, we all are.

Double trouble for KXIP as Gayle and Curran depart in the same over

What a catch, what a relay catch from Colin Ingram. He’s been brought into the side for a reason. Gayle miscues, he’s standing at deep mid-wicket. Takes the catch right inside the ropes and is about to tip over, when he fires a throw to long-on and finds Axar Patel accurately. That’s a superb piece of fielding. Gayle out for 69 runs off just 37 balls, KXIP 106/4

And guess what, Sandeep Lamichhane gets Sam Curran too. Caught and bowled. A match-changing over, surely? Is it? KXIP 106/5

Wicket: Mandeep’s gone out stumped by Pant. Leaves his crease, allows Axar Patel to fire it wide and cannot make it back. 30 off 27. He kind of stabilized KXIP after Curran and Gayle fell in the same over but who does KXIP have for the power hitting here?

KXIP finishes with 163 runs

Will they be able to defend this one as we have seen they’ve already defended 166 runs against DC this season


Delhi Capitals need 164 runs to win off 120 balls

Out comes Shikhar Dhawan & Prithvi Shaw

Shaw is out-run out

It’s totally Dhawan’s fault as he Called for the single and then hesitated mid-way and it’s too late for Shaw to return back and make it. He isn’t the quickest anyway. Mandeep hits the bull’s-eye at the non-striker’s end. The run outs at this end continue when KXIP play… In comes skipper Shreyas Iyer. DC 24/1

Dhawan, Iyer steering boat for Delhi Capitals

This is the kind of partnership that wins you matches. Unhurried, but punishing when given an opportunity. Dhawan and Iyer, the latter redeeming his run out of Shaw, have gotten Delhi Capitals to 90/1 after 10 overs, meaning they need only 74 off the last 10. But Curran has three overs remaining, and we have seen how games change.

Mankad from Ravi Ashwin again? okay no mankad

Funny Scenes here at Kotla. Ashwin stops in his followthrough just like he did against Rajasthan Royals while running put jos buttler, here even though Dhawan’s bat is grounded inside the crease at the non-striker’s end. A warning perhaps. So what does Dhawan do next ball? Puts on his Dance India Dance cap on, drags his feet furiously on the ground — short steps — and pulls off a little dance jig as Ashwin delivers the next ball. All with his bat grounded. We can call this as the ‘mankad dance’ by Shikhar Dhawan.

Dhawan is out

One of my colleagues thinks that the mankad warning from the skipper has done its job. Viljoen delivers the blow. And you know what, the two fielders going for the catch were Gayle and Ashwin. Lastly Ashwin though pulls off a nice catch, running back and getting hold of the ball. Gayle, I daresay, was relieved.

Equation says DC needs 35 runs off 28 balls

Pant can’t finish things off again!

It’s Viljoen who gets the wicket And yes, Sam Curran taken the catch, as Pant top-edges the heave and holes out. He’s done it all over again. Ingram walks out.

Equation says DC needs 23 runs off last 3 overs

Ingram falls with Delhi on the verge of victory

Meanwhile skipper Shreyas Iyer gets a fifty, his 12th in the IPL, and Ingram is bowled by Shami the ball after. Delhi Capitals need 9 off 9 balls. There’s Axar Patel walking out. Is it safe to say that Delhi are winning this?

Oh my my! Axar is run out

Turns around for the second, finds Shami on the way, and is run out. Wasn’t Shami’s fault. 8 off 8 needed. Is *it* happening all over again? Win for KXIP not sure until Shreyas Iyer is on the crease.

DC needs 6 runs off last over, Sam Curran to ball the ultimate over

Shreyas Iyer helps Delhi win

They could have done it again but they haven’t. Iyer has stayed there till the end and helped his side across the finishing line, something they have really struggled at. Dhawan was superb earlier with his quickish half-century while Sandeep Lamichhane stood out in the first innings, picking three wickets at crucial stages. And so did Rabada, with figures of 2 for 23. And yes, it’s a win for Delhi in Delhi.


Man of the match: skipper Shreyas Iyer for his match winning unbeaten 58*

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