Match 42 RCB VS KXIP : Supreme stuff by ABD helps as RCB outbats KXIP to stay alive for playoffs

TOSS:KXIP won the toss and they’re bowl first

Out comes Skipper Virat Kohli & Parthiv Patel

Ohh no! Virat gets a life

What have you done viljoen? It would have been an outstanding start for punjab here.

RCB off to a quick start 35/0

Bangaluru stadium is quit as Virat Kohli departs

They have been planning this one for a while as kl rahul was saying on the mike, “we’re trying to get him nicked.” that doesn’t happen but this time he hits high on the bat and falls to a uppish drive to mandeep at mid-wicket. As Kohli goes for 13 off shami. RCB 35/1

50 up for RCB in 4.3 overs only. They are in for a huge total here i guess.

Change of luck for KXIP; Parthiv Departs

Ahh the change of bowling has worked for the punjab as Murugan Ashwin strikes on the second ball, he flights the ball and Parthiv tries to nudge it on the on side gets a leading edge which Ashwin takes it with ease. Parthiv goes for 24 ball 43. RCB 71/2

Carrom ball bails out Ali!

Ashwin you beauty! What an amazing delivery. He is the leader and he delivers himself. Bowls a carrom ball and it skids a little bit and Moeen ali is squared up, there is a big gap between bat and pad, where the ball hits the middle and leg pole. Moeen ali goes for 4. Rcb 76/3

What-a-turnaround for KXIP here!

In the air and gone!

Ahh the rcb batsmen might be in little bit hurry here I guess. What the hell they are upto? Viljoen deceives akshdeep nath on the slower one and he chips it straight to Mandeep. He goes for 3. Rcb 81/4

100 up for RCB in 13th over. How much runs they gonna need to defend against the likes of chris gayle, kl rahul, mayank agarwal, david miller. We will have to see!

Fifty for ABD! Take a bow you genius AB de Villiers! His 33rd IPL fifty. As Rcb are on for a big one. Rcb 143/4

6, 6, 6 ABD rockets RCB to quick finish! You must be kidding me? That last one from Shami was a above waist NO-BALL Abd isn’t happy with that as he ducks underneath it and somehow gets the ball gets connection with the ball and sails over the stadium for a monsterous six. Gee! That’s incredible shot from South African paw. RCB needs some more here to get close to 200. Rcb 175/4 after 19 overs.

Just one over to go. Viljoen is going to ball the last one

What a welcome for viljoen by ABD!

First ball six over long-on. If you’re gonna bowl a length ball then be ready to sail over the band-stand.

100 runs partnership comes up as well for Abd and Marcus Stoinis

4, 6, 4, 6 and Stoinis helps RCB ends first innings on a high note

Gee! That last over from viljoen went for 27 runs. ABD remains not out on 82* and Stoinis gets 46*. The partnership is 121* off 68 balls. Last 3 overs has cost KXIP 64 runs as Rcb finishes with 202/4


KXIP needs 203 runs to win off 120 balls

Chris Gayle & Kl Rahul comes out to the crease

3 four’s and the BOSS is on fire!

Virat Kohli brings Tim Southee to bowl the first but Christopher Henry Gayle dispatches him for 3 boundaries at the third man. Why the field hasn’t changed? That is the question here! May be Kohli has something in his mind!

KXIP 36/0 after 3 overs

Six and gone!

Finally relief for Rcb as Chris Gayle mishits it straight to ABD at long-on. Could this be a game changing moment for RCB? We’ll have to wait. Gayle goes for 10 ball 23. Kxip 42/1

50 comes up for KXIP in just 4.2 overs

At the end of powerplay KXIP 68/1 cruising towards the victory. They just need to get Kl Rahul more strike as he is in red-hot form.

6, 4 and 100 comes up for KXIP in just 8.5 overs. The game is in KXIP’s pocket now. Do or dies for RCB here. If they lose this one they are out of the tournament.

Finally Marcus Stoinis gets the breakthrough

The vivo perfect catch of the match for Yuzi Chahal as awkward bounce does the trick for Stoinis, Mayank Agarwal didn’t hit that well and a diving chahal takes a fine catch to remove him for 35. Kxip 101/2

Ohhh Nooooo!

Rahuuuuuul what have you done????? Just the wicket Rcb needed at such crucial stage of the game and Moeen ali introduced into the attack and gets the false shot from kl rahul right under the bottom of the bat and Southee at long-off takes an easy to end the rahul’s innings for 27 ball 42. Kxip 105/3

Equation says 87 runs required off 42 balls

Nicholas Pooran bangs sundar for 6, 6, dot, 6

That’s what kings XI Punjab need right now some power hitting at the moment to close in the game.

150 comes up for kxip. Nicholas Pooran is putting on-a-show as 50 runs partnership comes up for Nicholas Pooran and David Miller off just 34 balls. Is this the game for kxip? Can’t say much about that one.

Equation says 53 runs needed off 28 balls

Ohhhh lord! Nonono!

Did i see what i just saw? Oh god Marcus Stoinis how can you drop a dolly like that? Stoinis had so much time in the world to judge that one and what he does? Spills it out.

Equation says 30 runs required off 12

Saini to bowl the pen-ultimate over

First ball wicket!

A cracker delivery which David Miller hits it away but where does it goes just before the boundary rope where diving ABD takes a stunner to remove miller for 24. Kxip 173/4

One more! Saini you beauty!

Nicholas Pooran hits straight up in the aiiir and AB De Villiers wants it and calls for it where he call Kohli off it and when you’ve hands like that even if you’re Kohli you have to let him grab that one. That was a joke. Don’t mind that but Gee he is such an amazing player to watch whatever he does, he bats, he fields, he dives, takes some crazy impossible catches and keeps you guys up for the game. As Nicholas Pooran goes for 46. Kxip 176/5 after 19 overs

27 runs required off 6 balls

Umesh Yadav to bowl the ultimate over. Can he able to defend it? Let’s see.

Six off the first ball! What a shot by skipper Ravi Ashwin! If you’re gonna bowl length ball be ready to get dispatched for a maximum

21 runs required off 5 balls

Wicket! Yeahhh that must be the game for RCB as Ravi Ashwin hits that again to the long-on region but this time he hasn’t been timed it too well and skipper Virat Kohli isn’t gonna drop those! Ashwin goes for 6. Kxip 182/6

21 runs required off 4 balls

4 legitimate sixes and game is on KXIP side, what say?

Bouncer and wicket again for Umesh Yadav. I think that’s it for Kxip as Hardus Viljoen goes for a golden duck. Kxip 182/7

Finally RCB won by 17 runs

Can you believe this, 4 out of last 5 games of RCB has been decided in the last over. This time again RCB 2 points, stays in game for the playoffs


Man of the match: AB De Villiers for his unbeaten 82*

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